The Wife Drought

By Annabel Crabb About the book One would be rather intrigued by the sheer name of this book. It is indeed, an intriguing read and also a revelation in many ways. A hilariously written book with wry humor and punch lines. It was a refreshing read as the Australian author has steered us onto aContinue reading “The Wife Drought”

Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls

I met a couple the other day with a young boy who had an elder sister. In conversation, it somehow got relayed that the little boy enjoys playing with dolls and not balls or cars etc. As soon as I heard these words uttered, I sensed the discomfort sifting through a few people in theContinue reading “Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls”

What is your Religion ? Does it matter ?

What does religion mean ? The oxford dictionary says that ‘religion’ is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power especially a personal God or gods. What is the purpose of religion? From time immemorial, I think the purpose of religion has been to unite people. I am not sure if that purpose isContinue reading “What is your Religion ? Does it matter ?”

Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured

What are traditions and why do we persevere to follow them. I am not sure if many of us ask ourselves these questions often enough. There is an inherent and oblivious  ability in us to habitually and unquestionably accept traditions the way they are. It is time to change that. We need to understand theContinue reading “Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured”