Deep kindnessBy Houston Kraft

About the book The author’s connect with kindness and the need to spread the word for kindness is propelled by an incident wherein he heard the story of a young lady who sat and cried at the Airport for two long hours after hearing the news of her father‘s death. Not a single person stoppedContinue reading “Deep kindnessBy Houston Kraft”

The Rose of love and trust:Simplicity of relationships

This morning, my daughter came to me all teary eyed and said, Mama, Didi says she doesn’t trust me.  To give this context, Didi is her nanny who has been a part of our family for close to 5 years. She is love personified and we trust her implicitly with our children. Here is theContinue reading “The Rose of love and trust:Simplicity of relationships”

Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls

I met a couple the other day with a young boy who had an elder sister. In conversation, it somehow got relayed that the little boy enjoys playing with dolls and not balls or cars etc. As soon as I heard these words uttered, I sensed the discomfort sifting through a few people in theContinue reading “Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls”

What is your Religion ? Does it matter ?

What does religion mean ? The oxford dictionary says that ‘religion’ is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power especially a personal God or gods. What is the purpose of religion? From time immemorial, I think the purpose of religion has been to unite people. I am not sure if that purpose isContinue reading “What is your Religion ? Does it matter ?”