Embracing Forgiveness: Forgiveness meditation transcript (spiritual)Part III

Below is the audio and transcript for the (spiritual) forgiveness meditation. Close your eyes Take a deep breath Feel yourself relax Quite your inner chatter with every breath you take I.   Now think about the people who have hurt you or troubled you in any way Imagine them in front of you Smile back at themContinue reading “Embracing Forgiveness: Forgiveness meditation transcript (spiritual)Part III”

Embracing Forgiveness

– the magic potion of life It seems inexplicable for me to be able to relay my true emotions on the concept of forgiveness.  But I will surely try.  Forgiveness came into my life like a cool, soft morning breeze that soon turned into a gushing wind coursing through my being with such conviction andContinue reading “Embracing Forgiveness”

Do we need to unlearn some of the poems/stories we were taught

Slice of life series#5 Yesterday, while sitting in the living room in the morning and listening to our kids (Baby Zi & Zo) chatter nineteen to the dozen, the elder one, Baby Zo, now 7, suddenly recalled a poem that she was taught at play school when she was 3 years old. I recall notContinue reading “Do we need to unlearn some of the poems/stories we were taught”

Miracles of a subconscious mind

I had always heard about a theory of the power of a subconscious mind and in fact, in my progressive journey into the spiritual world, my faith in that concept has been continually strengthened. I have also mentioned it in one of my blogs – “6 ways to sustain a happy and healthy mind” https://mehakoberoi.co.in/2021/04/04/6-ways-to-sustain-a-happy-healthy-mind/Continue reading “Miracles of a subconscious mind”

Gifts: of Love and Joy

I have always been a person who expresses love through gifts. Big or small; cheap or expensive. It is just my way of expressing love and telling the people I love, that they matter. That despite the chaotic world swirling around, I will always make time for them. For me gifts have never been aboutContinue reading “Gifts: of Love and Joy”

Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured

What are traditions and why do we persevere to follow them. I am not sure if many of us ask ourselves these questions often enough. There is an inherent and oblivious  ability in us to habitually and unquestionably accept traditions the way they are. It is time to change that. We need to understand theContinue reading “Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured”

Who is the head of the house

Slice of life series#4 Some time back, in the pre-COVID times, I had a peculiar experience that made me wonder who is really the HEAD OF THE HOUSE.  What is the definition.  What is the qualification.  Who decides to award this title.  Who entrusts this title. This incident didn’t quite shock me but it definitelyContinue reading “Who is the head of the house”