Gifts: of Love and Joy

I have always been a person who expresses love through gifts. Big or small; cheap or expensive. It is just my way of expressing love and telling the people I love, that they matter. That despite the chaotic world swirling around, I will always make time for them. For me gifts have never been aboutContinue reading “Gifts: of Love and Joy”

Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured

What are traditions and why do we persevere to follow them. I am not sure if many of us ask ourselves these questions often enough. There is an inherent and oblivious  ability in us to habitually and unquestionably accept traditions the way they are. It is time to change that. We need to understand theContinue reading “Traditions: a burden or a custom to be treasured”

Parenthood — 7 Learnings for life

The ultimate hit & trial of life Parenthood, yes, indeed it is the ultimate hit and trial of life. I don’t think any one person has mastered the art of it. And thus, I firmly believe that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously whilst we are riding the course. Don’t kill yourself over it, don’tContinue reading “Parenthood — 7 Learnings for life”

Who is the head of the house

Slice of life series#4 Some time back, in the pre-COVID times, I had a peculiar experience that made me wonder who is really the HEAD OF THE HOUSE.  What is the definition.  What is the qualification.  Who decides to award this title.  Who entrusts this title. This incident didn’t quite shock me but it definitelyContinue reading “Who is the head of the house”


Sometime last year, I got diagnosed with “Anxiety”. I wouldn’t like to call it a disorder, as I no longer think or perceive it as such. Being anxious, is a pre-disposed personality type and that is all there is to it. Generally, those that are more planned, organized and prefer to be in control ofContinue reading “7 SIMPLE WAYS TO REDUCE AND MANAGE ANXIETY”

6 ways to sustain a happy and healthy mind

With the lockdown this past year and generally with the chaotic lifestyles we now lead, I genuinely felt the need to put forth the notions that changed the course of my life. I feel like an evolved person and a better version of myself, though I am still work in progress. It never hurt toContinue reading “6 ways to sustain a happy and healthy mind”

Equality: Respect is meant for all

Slice of life series#1 I had not intended to particularly post anything on Women’s day. But this definitely deserved a mention. As I went about my mundane yet chaotic day, scrambling from one corner of the house to another to get things in order so that I can finally settle in for a fully scheduledContinue reading “Equality: Respect is meant for all”

The ultimate tip to make it work with your mother-in-law/daughter-in-law

Isn’t there a universal itch in this mother-in-law / daughter-in-law duo ! After being married for close to a decade, I often wonder what makes this relationship tick or rather CLANG. Why is it that we hear 999 stories of the grouchy old mother-in-law and possibly just one that makes us smile. Here is aContinue reading “The ultimate tip to make it work with your mother-in-law/daughter-in-law”

Celebration of life

Slice of life series #2 I lost my 92-year-old grandmother yesterday. She led a full life and was possibly the only women in her time to travel abroad all alone for 6 months even before she got married.  She was undoubtedly one of the most progressive women of her generations that I knew of. IContinue reading “Celebration of life”