The Wife Drought

By Annabel Crabb About the book One would be rather intrigued by the sheer name of this book. It is indeed, an intriguing read and also a revelation in many ways. A hilariously written book with wry humor and punch lines. It was a refreshing read as the Australian author has steered us onto aContinue reading “The Wife Drought”

Am I lucky

My elder daughter has had multiple stomach ailments since she was a little baby and thus I have had to constantly and painstakingly monitor every morsel that goes into her mouth. I have tried my level best to reason with her and empower her to make the food choices herself. As a consequence, my kidsContinue reading “Am I lucky”

GratitudeHow I taught my young one to incorporate gratitude in her daily life

To mark the occasion of my parents 40th, we decided to take a small vacay in the hills. Considering the situation of the pandemic, we weighed the options and did it in the safest way possible. With 2 small kids, we drove straight for 9 hours without any stops and ended up being rewarded byContinue reading “GratitudeHow I taught my young one to incorporate gratitude in her daily life”

The Midnight libraryBy Matt Haig

About the book The author has written a light hearted book, intended to communicate a deeper meaning. The midnight library is a place “in between” life and death. It is the library that one goes to when they are about to die. This library contains innumerable books on all the lives we could be leadingContinue reading “The Midnight libraryBy Matt Haig”

Tit for TatDoes the TAT always need a TIT and then does the TIT need a TAT again ?

Does the TAT always need a TIT and then does the TIT need a TAT again ? and thus continues the vicious circle of TIT for TAT. To my mind, it is the most primal and common human response but equally hideous and unevolved. This auto generated human response usually does not serve anyone inContinue reading “Tit for TatDoes the TAT always need a TIT and then does the TIT need a TAT again ?”

Deep kindnessBy Houston Kraft

About the book The author’s connect with kindness and the need to spread the word for kindness is propelled by an incident wherein he heard the story of a young lady who sat and cried at the Airport for two long hours after hearing the news of her father‘s death. Not a single person stoppedContinue reading “Deep kindnessBy Houston Kraft”

The Rose of love and trust:Simplicity of relationships

This morning, my daughter came to me all teary eyed and said, Mama, Didi says she doesn’t trust me.  To give this context, Didi is her nanny who has been a part of our family for close to 5 years. She is love personified and we trust her implicitly with our children. Here is theContinue reading “The Rose of love and trust:Simplicity of relationships”

Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls

I met a couple the other day with a young boy who had an elder sister. In conversation, it somehow got relayed that the little boy enjoys playing with dolls and not balls or cars etc. As soon as I heard these words uttered, I sensed the discomfort sifting through a few people in theContinue reading “Normalize boys with dollsDolls vs Balls”

The little soul and the earth – I am somebody !Neale Donald Walsch

#shereads About the book This is a children’s parable adapted from conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh. It is a sweet and simple story of how a little soul is born on earth and is taught some of the most valuable lessons of life as a little baby by her guardian angel – Melvin. Continue reading “The little soul and the earth – I am somebody !Neale Donald Walsch”

The Process of LifePearl by Kahlil Gibran

Said one oyster to a neighbouring oyster, “I have a very great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I am in distress.” And the other oyster replied with haughty complacence, “Praise be to the heavens and to the sea, I have no pain within me. I am well and whole both withinContinue reading “The Process of LifePearl by Kahlil Gibran”