Am I lucky

My elder daughter has had multiple stomach ailments since she was a little baby and thus I have had to constantly and painstakingly monitor every morsel that goes into her mouth. I have tried my level best to reason with her and empower her to make the food choices herself. As a consequence, my kids are far more attune to what is healthy than any kid their age. 

But sometimes Baby Zo feels like she isn’t lucky as she doesn’t get to eat to her heart’s desire (read junk) like all other kids.

And so the conversation that transpired:

Baby Zo: Yeah, I know it wont happen for me because I am not lucky.

Mama: What made you ever think that you are not lucky

Baby Zo: Coz bad things happen to me only. I am not lucky 

Mama: Baby Zo, you have no idea how lucky you are

Baby Zo: Really, how ?

Mama: You consider yourself unlucky coz you cannot eat chocolates and candies etc. Have you any idea how unhealthy those things are? You are the luckiest person coz the universe sent you a message to eat healthy through your tummy.

Most people get this message from the universe way too late in life. Usually in their old age and then they struggle with their health and lifestyle.

You were the chosen one to whom the universe sent this message. 

To top it, you are also amongst the smartest person, coz you listened to the universe. Most people are unable to decipher the messages the universe sends.

Baby Zo: Hmmm.. (seeming rather reflective).

Mama: You know, the universe sends messages to all of us, all the time. The people who manage to identify these messages are the luckiest people in the world. Coz they understand how to manoeuvre life in their favour.

And you did it. You are all of 7 ! Wow.

We live and breathe messages and signs around us each day. The universe or some may call it the higher power or even God, communicates with us in umpteen ways. We only need to receptive to these signs.

The ups and downs of life become more palatable. Life seems more beautiful and the challenges appear to be mere obstacles in the journey of life that has a larger purpose.

As Rumi says:

The senses are the tools of the mind

And the mind is the tool of the Spirit.

When the mind becomes confused, it is Spirit that brings back clarity and harmony. 

Our desires and thoughts spread over the soul as weeds spread over the surface of a pond. 

The ego thrives in muddy water while the mind needs clarity and transparency. 

Let the mind become the master and the senses, its obedient servants. 

A master who puts his senses to sleep is able to perceive the unseen emerging from Spirit. 

Even in his waking state he dreams, dreams that open the gates to divine truth

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Full time mother and overworked lawyer who likes to spend the 25th hour mulling over life, spirituality, parenthood, relationships and other creative pursuits that crack its way through her over enthusiastic brain. Follow me if feminism, women empowerment, spirituality or just the basic dogmas imposed by the society; intrigue you.

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