The little soul and the earth – I am somebody !Neale Donald Walsch


About the book

This is a children’s parable adapted from conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh.

It is a sweet and simple story of how a little soul is born on earth and is taught some of the most valuable lessons of life as a little baby by her guardian angel – Melvin. 

Written in a simplistic fashion and filled with illustrations, the author has introduced some basic life lessons in an uncomplicated and easy manner. 

Who is it for ?

Parents and children. 

Key takeaways

1. God only created heaven. Heaven is everywhere you go, especially on earth. Earth is one of the most beautiful places in heaven.

2. Being a boy or a girl is as good as the other and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

3. We come to earth or rather we are born to experience life.

4. Your body is not YOU, it’s YOURS. That means, your body is not ‘who you are’, it is something you have. More like a tool, to build a life by experiencing life. By experiencing whatever you want to experience, that you can’t experience unless you have a body.

5. You can wish for something and just like that you can get it. That’s how life works. All you need is FAITH.

6. The feeling that you get, when Mommy holds you and daddy kisses you, is called LOVE.

7. You can get more love by just giving it away to others.

8. A smile is a way of giving away love to others.

9. What you do to others, is done right back to you.

10. Forgiving someone, is one of the biggest way to give love.

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