She reads #1

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I came across multiple AHA moments from my life that’s left me with a lot to delve upon. 

This is an extremely structured book with an organised approach to handhold you in your quest of life to become “extraordinary”. It has bundled multiple concepts in a package and provided very practical and simplistic ways to incorporate them in your life without much resistance. 

The author relays his dialogues and conversations with many famous people, which are narrated interestingly and leave you with something to ponder on.

Key takeaways 

1. Concept of the physical world of absolute truth and the world of relative truth – Once you understand that rules are not absolute you can learn to think outside the box and live beyond limits imposed by the culturescape. Realising that the world you’re living in exists inside your head puts you in the driver seat.

2. Challenging the bullshit rules (brules ) created by society. Rules that were probably put there “by people no smarter than you”, as Steve Jobbs had said.

3. Concept of consciousness engineering – Constantly upgrading our belief system (models of reality), replacing the disempowering models of reality with empowering ones and bringing them in sync with our systems of living is an effective tool. Once it becomes an ingrained mindset, it will not feel like a shift at all – it will become the new you and the normal you.

4. Life book – the 12 areas of balance – A rather holistic way of looking at life and what one wishes to achieve and accomplish. It categorises the areas of life well and if one manages to set about a vision, purpose and strategy for each one of these areas, you are bound to excel.

(1) You love relationships

(2) Your friendships

(3) Your finances

(4) Your quality of life

(5) Your health and fitness 

(6) Your intellectual life

(7) Your emotional life 

(8) Your spiritual life

(9) Your career

(10) Your character 

(11) Your family and parenting life

(12) Your life vision

5. Have big goals but don’t try to link happiness to your goals. You must be happy before you attain them

6. The concept of end goals and self fuelled goals versus goals which are a means to an end.

7. The Phenomenon of hedonic adaptation – We generally don’t stay at the extreme end of an emotional spectrum for too long. Each of us has a particular level of happiness that we tend to return to after things happen, good or bad

8. Blissipline – the discipline of daily bliss: Embrace the concept of gratitude and forgiveness.

9. Appreciate the reverse gap versus dwelling over the forward gap:  

Forward gap is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If you’re chasing the forward gap the cheese will never end. Instead, we must learn to appreciate the reverse gap and have gratitude for how far you have actually come from where you began.

10. Be merciless with your kindness.

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Full time mother and overworked lawyer who likes to spend the 25th hour mulling over life, spirituality, parenthood, relationships and other creative pursuits that crack its way through her over enthusiastic brain. Follow me if feminism, women empowerment, spirituality or just the basic dogmas imposed by the society; intrigue you.

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