Miracles of a subconscious mind

I had always heard about a theory of the power of a subconscious mind and in fact, in my progressive journey into the spiritual world, my faith in that concept has been continually strengthened.

I have also mentioned it in one of my blogs – “6 ways to sustain a happy and healthy mind”


But trust me, the truth of it knocked me off my feet when i saw its miraculous wings engulf us in its wake.

Knowing a thing to be true is one thing. Having faith that it will work is the second step. But living its reality and watching the magic unfold is quite another experience in itself.

This March, me and my husband, Atul, took a brief trip to a spa resort up in the Himalayas. Our intention was to just chill and spend some time in quietude in open surroundings and away from the concrete jungle we call home.

One morning whilst screening through some books in their tiny bookshop, I came across a notice for a complimentary session on emotional well being. With my journey towards spirituality, these ideas intrigue me more than they did before. Atul too after watching the sea change in my personality over the past few years has been taken in with the idea and more forthcoming to learn and explore. And so we decided to make our way for a short 30 minute lecture on how to improve our emotional well being.

We met a young lady with a very pleasant face and welcoming demeanour. She sat us down and very simplistically explained the basic principle that every pain in our body, every persistent problem in our lives has an emotional cause, which is probably embedded in your subconscious somewhere. Our body has a way of speaking to us, we just need to understand the language. And she could facilitate us in comprehending that language.

She narrated many successful examples of curing people of insomnia, hypochondria, anger issues etc.

We were completely fascinated with the lengthy list of real instances narrated by her of people having accomplished feats with this approach that seemed impossible in normal course of lives.

Atul wished to take a session with her as he has an incessant problem with sleep. I wouldn’t exaggerate if i say that out of 365 days in a given year, he would sleep well for probably just 3 days. For the rest, he will toss and turn and will himself to sleep but to no avail. He has tried everything under the sun, from meditation, to homeopathy but nothing has had a lasting effect.

Being here, just felt like a sign in the right direction.

Of course before crystallising our thoughts on the session, we had some questions of her. One being that will his mind end up telling him something that he doesn’t want to know. To which she smiled genuinely and replied that our subconscious mind will not tell us anything that we do not need to know. The answer seemed a bit fuzzy but her bearing kept our faith.

Another aspect that appeared imperative in our minds for a successful session was his ability to be able to focus or concentrate in a purposeful environment. The answer to this was too a big relief. She explained that he is not expected to meditate but only imagine in a guided manner. Everyone can imagine. It is imagination that will connect the chords from our conscious to our subconscious mind.

Well, that seemed simple enough and so we booked an appointment for him for the same evening.

At precisely 4 pm, he walked into her room.

(All this has been vividly described by him to me and thus the detailing)

The room was tiny, with her seated in one corner, where a lounge chair was placed right across from her. A small table on the side with a candle placed on it. The wall was covered with some traditional abstract artwork.

He sat down in the chair and spread his legs out to get comfortable. She asked him to find a relaxing posture and began to talk generically about his childhood, siblings, parents and kids. It was an easygoing conversation.

She finally asked him what brought him here. And so he relayed his ceaseless turmoil with sleep.

She told him to find a point on the wall in front of him with a relaxed gaze and just when his eyes start feeling heavy, he should softly close them and breathe deeply. She then led him into his subconscious mind through an imaginary flight of stairs leading its way down step by step, steadily yet slowly. At the end of the staircase, she instructed him to see a door at the end of the passage way. She asked for details of how the door looked to him. And as he described the door, he inched his way closer to the door and finally opened it. The door opened into lush green garden with flowers and trees around. She asked him to find a comfortable spot to sit and unwind. After a few deep breaths, she asked him to scan his body for any signs of discomfort, unease, pain or like feeling. As he did so, he felt a slight discomfort in his stomach. She asked him to focus his attention on that discomfort and try to identify if he can associate that discomfort with any person or object. When the answer came in negative, she asked him to plod harder and attempt to comprehend if he saw any flashes of colour, words, just anything that could give him a lead. He finally felt two words spring up – “be safe” and “be alert”.

She then asked him to ease himself and go further back into his childhood to single out an event that he may recall where he first started finding it difficult to sleep. He tried hard to penetrate through his thoughts but couldn’t manage to break through. Just when he was about to give up, he saw a flash of a little boy standing in the doorway of an unfamiliar house feeling anxious and alone. Upon seeing that flash, she asked him to check if the young boy was him.

And indeed, that little boy was the younger him. She then went on to quiz him further about how the young boy looked. Was he scared ? He noticed that the boy was not necessarily scared but definitely alert and felt the need to keep everything around him safe. She directed the young boy to go into every single room of that house and check each door, each window to see and reassure himself if it’s all locked and secured. She then instructed Atul, to go into that house as the adult and tell the little boy that “being alone does not mean being unsafe”. She asked him to dispel the fears of the little boy by once again taking him by hand into each room and show him that all doors and windows were safely latched. The young boy was now feeling better and comforted with his insecurities allayed by the older him. The session came to a close with the little boy hugging his grown present version and merging into him.

That was my husband’s breakthrough. There was no trauma, no forlorn memories that were chiseled in his mind. It was a time when a 12 year old boy had moved lock, stock and barrel into an unfamiliar environment, away from the secured surroundings of an army cantonment where multiple guards and 24/7 security all around the campus makes the cantonment seem more like a fortress. The unfamiliar house was bang on the main road with strangers sauntering past, all day long. The constant commotion instilled a need in him to stay vigilant. More so, his father was away at the border. So somehow without being given this responsibility, he automatically assumed the role of the protector to his mother and elder sister. And so began the journey of subconsciously keeping his mind alert at all times and thus the constant deficit of sleep which trickled into adulthood seamlessly with the role of the protector remaining unchanged as a husband and then father.

And just like that, with some basic safe affirmations each day, my husband sleeps like a baby.

It took me and Atul, a few days to process this breakthrough. Initially, it just felt so odd to know that a subconsciously self assumed responsibility could have this kind of an immense impact on somebody’s life.

The thoughts we convey to our subconscious mind causes impressions to be made in the brain cells. The subconscious mind is a powerful system that runs everything in our life. It is a data bank for everything which is not in our conscious mind. It stores our beliefs, previous experiences and everything that you have seen, felt is all there.

Imagine the miraculous power of it all. A small thought that he subconsciously sowed in his mind as a 12 year old has had such an everlasting impact on his body that he was enduring it till 24 years after.

There was no hypnosis involved here. All the young lady did was to facilitate an interaction between his conscious and subconscious mind and then to help his conscious mind internalise that thought.

In a book by Dr Joseph Murphy, called “the power of the subconscious mind”, he writes:

It is fascinating and intensely interesting to observe how you can speak authoritatively and with conviction to the irrational movement of your deeper self, bringing silence, harmony and peace to your mind….

Your subconscious mind which is impersonal, non-selective and accepts as to what ever your conscious mind believed to be true.

These things are arduous to fathom or believe when only read or heard. The true impact of it hits you when you experience it yourself.

The kind of power our conscience mind holds is inconceivable. I spent so much time reading about stories and life lessons that have changed the course of people’s lives by being able to control or tame their active mind. I needed validation of this magic that saw unfurl. I needed to know that this wasn’t a stroke of coincidence that played its trick at an opportune moment. I came across phenomenal stories which only strengthened my finding.

As Dr Joseph Murphy says, the conscious mind is like the navigator, a captain at the bridge of the ship. It directs the ship and signals orders to men in the engine room. The men in the engine room do not know where they are going, they just follow orders.

All our problems, ailments, pains originate in our mind. Nothing appears in our body unless there is a corresponding mental pattern to it.

Keep that mental slate clean and positive because the impacts are not instant.

The choice is your’s. Make it wise.

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Full time mother and overworked lawyer who likes to spend the 25th hour mulling over life, spirituality, parenthood, relationships and other creative pursuits that crack its way through her over enthusiastic brain. Follow me if feminism, women empowerment, spirituality or just the basic dogmas imposed by the society; intrigue you.

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  1. Hi Mehak, can you pls share more details of this place and this lady .. I would you to have a session with her if possible. Thank you.


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