Equality: Respect is meant for all

Slice of life series#1

I had not intended to particularly post anything on Women’s day. But this definitely deserved a mention. As I went about my mundane yet chaotic day, scrambling from one corner of the house to another to get things in order so that I can finally settle in for a fully scheduled workday, the bell rang. I was still busy giving my help instructions about an imminent school project at hand for my elder one, Baby Zo, when I saw my husband (my Main: Mr. M) walk towards me with a smile and a bouquet of gorgeous lilies. He bent down to give me a peck and wished me happy women’s day.

Much to my surprise and to the astonishment of my help who peered on, he handed over a bunch of flowers to her too with the same sincere smile. And then he went on to give a bouquet to each help in the house wishing them a happy women’s day. In fact, the part time help who comes to mop and clean the house was there at the time and as Mr. M hadn’t accounted for an extra bouquet, he very humbly and profusely apologized to her for missing her out.

My 2 young daughters [Baby Zo (7) & Baby Zi (4)] also got their separate flowers. Baby Zi went on to ask her father, if he would indeed take them for a drive (a Sunday ritual the girls follow with their dad) and he instantly replied “most certainly; On women’s day, we are meant to celebrate women and I cannot say NO to anything you say, my baby girl”.

Those 5 minutes that morning kept a persistent smile on my lips all day.  I know women’s day is about women empowerment and probably we are meant to raise and voice grave concerns, but I just felt the need to highlight the small gesture of a MAN that speaks volumes about his character and mindset towards this day and for that matter all days of the year. The fact that I was as much as a woman to him as the help working with us, speaks significantly about his approach and outlook in life.

It is a marvelous example for my little ones to watch their father give respect to each woman despite the societal classifications, which are clearly negated in our home.

It makes me reaffirm my belief that these sweet nothings matter. They tend to fortify our faith about the goodness in the world and aspire us to spread it around us and beyond our reaches.

Lead by example.

Published by oberoimehak

Full time mother and overworked lawyer who likes to spend the 25th hour mulling over life, spirituality, parenthood, relationships and other creative pursuits that crack its way through her over enthusiastic brain. Follow me if feminism, women empowerment, spirituality or just the basic dogmas imposed by the society; intrigue you.

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